A legacy born in commercial property management

The company began life as a building development campany, the Max Woolf Building Company, founded in 1927 by Max Woolf. Our building developers were responsible for the commercial property management  of some of Gauteng’s first high-rise commercial properties, such as those in Hillbrow and Yeoville, many of which still stand today.

Building for success

In 1980, ALW Estates was born from the winding down of the former building development company, helmed by Max’s son, Abram Louis Woolf. The company flourished under Louis’ leadership, with the building developers adopting a healthy mix of development projects in Gauteng and the ongoing commercial property management of the company’s property portfolio.

Looking to the future

Now in its third generation of building developers, the reins have been handed to Louis’ son, Gary Woolf, who has infused the company with his passion for the building environment, bolstered by international experience in engineering, technology and systems. With a dynamic and passionate team of building developers behind him, Gary is determined to grow the business into a global contender in the commercial property management industry.


  • Our building developers are committed to creating continuous value for stakeholders, staff and for the economies in which we operate
  • To be the commercial property management employer of choice, investing in our people and ensuring that they remain motivated, happy and productive
  • As building developers and managers, protecting and enhancing the environment, striving to be a market leader in the green office space in Gauteng
  • To maximise the wealth of all stakeholders, we invest in partnerships with like-minded stakeholders, increasing the values of their portfolios
  • To be dynamic and innovative building developers that are a positive influence in developing the urban landscapes where we are involved


Our vision is to become a globally competitive commercial property management company, growing our reach and influence in the market while creating value through excellence in all aspects of building development, aspiring to become the best in stakeholder value creation in the industry.

Our building developers aim to be dynamic and opportunistic, constantly evolving and working towards a brighter future.

As leading office building developers in Gauteng ALW values include:

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    Trust, Integrity & Respect

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    Honesty & Transparency

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    Commitment & Tenacity

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    Innovation, Adaptability & Improvement

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More about our commercial property management team



With both his father and grandfather being involved in building development services in Gauteng, you could say that Gary has building development in his blood. After completing a BSc in Engineering at the Maine Maritime Academy in the United States, Gary went on to work abroad for 28 years before returning to South Africa to join the family business.

ALW Properties, director and portfolio manager Graeme Stilwell encourages office building developers to focus on commercial property management in Gauteng centred around the customer



After completing his studies, Graeme began his law career in 1995 at the firm Brokensha, Meyer and Havemann in Pietermaritzburg. Graeme left private practice to travel overseas and enhance his career in investment banking, working at JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank in London and Commerzbank in Frankfurt.

Chief financial officer Leslie Fivaz works hard to ensure that ALW Properties are focused on commercial property management in Gauteng to the benefit of all stakeholders.



Rhodesian-born Leslie began his career in finance with the Department of Customs and Excise in 1977, immigrating to South Africa in 1982. He worked at various mining corporations in a financial capacity, until a desire to experience a different industry saw him hold the post of Group Accountant and eventually Group Financial Manager for Malbak Motor Holdings.

Lucas Mothlake, maintenance manager for ALW Properties, believes that office building developers in Gauteng should focus on commercial property management for greater success



Lucas has always had an affinity for working with his hands. After school, Lucas worked as a salesman and handyman at Carlton Centre, where he remained for 10 years before joining ALW Properties in 2009.

Facilities management specialist Alan Baker, drives office building development in Gauteng through commercial property management at ALW Properties



Alan qualified as a fitter and turner in 1993. After being involved in the motor vehicle industry for a number of years, he decided to branch into the commercial property and building development industry and started his own business in 2005. During the eight years running his business, Alan built up a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field and built a strong network of office developers in Gauteng.

ALW Properties’ senior accountant Leticia Smith assists the office building developers through her passion for problem solving and numbers in commercial property management in Gauteng



Leticia’s passion for numbers and problem solving led to her completing a diploma in bookkeeping in 1997, followed by a BCom degree in Accounting.